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Racing car steering wheel prototype

In racing cars that develop enormous speed, all of the driver’s attention should be focused on the track and achieving the best possible result. That’s why the ergonomics of the vehicle are so important – even when it comes to a car built by young engineers.

The PWR Racing Team is a group of students from Wrocław University of Science and Technology sharing one goal since 2009: to build a racing car and take part in the international Formula Student competition for young engineers. Each season sees the design and construction of a new car. In the latest team design, the RT09 car, proven solutions from eight previous car versions were used together with many new manufacturing technologies.

In the construction of the latest car, the PWR Racing Team was supported by the manufacturer of the HBOT 3D F300 professional 3D printer, thanks to which the process of designing the car’s components went very smoothly.

3D printing technology is incredibly helpful in racing car design, allowing the designers to quickly and easily create a prototype that provides even more control over a specific component.

Building a steering wheel with the ideal ergonomic design is a good example. With the HBOT 3D F300, the designers were able to easily test the steering wheel shape and implement necessary corrections in upcoming models. The optimum shape of the steering wheel directly influences race time. Comfortable steering handling supports improved driving performance.


The RT09 car, for the design and construction of which prototypes and final parts were used, such as an electronics case made on the HBOT 3D F300 printer, will be launched in the 2018 season. The HBOT 3D team is happy to support the initiatives and passions of young engineers and is eagerly awaiting the upcoming successes of the PWR Racing Team.