Mechanic design and device component manufacture - HBOT 3D
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Mechanic design and device component manufacture at 3City Electronics

The FDM printer HBOT 3D F300 was an obvious choice for 3City Electronics. It facilitates a quick fabrication of required components on site (in the lab) under a designer’s supervision. The printer can manufacture even complex shapes.

3City Electronics provides services in electronic and mechanical solution design, programming, as well as manufacture and testing of electronic devices. Company attracts researchers and specialists with years of global experience in electronics design. 3City Electronics uses modern management systems and innovative design solutions. Over 650 square meters of laboratory space is equipped with an EMC testing chamber, networking laboratory, milling machines and HBOT 3D F300 printers.

The company experts use the HBOT 3D F300 industrial 3D printer to create device components: handles, mounts, brackets as well as finishing elements and concept-stage models. In practice the printer provides final pieces, tools that help facilitate equipment assembly, and prototype prints used in design and functionality testing. For example in complex mechanical projects a small batch manufacture of prototypes is the final stage of the undertaking and has an impact on its total cost and time.


Most prints are made with PLA (polylactide) and ASA-X (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate). ASA-X is weather and UV resistant, but also boast excellent layer adhesion and facilitate easy postprocessing.


Prior to the purchase of the printer the elements had to undergo milling, which carries some restrictions. In some cases the milling machine is still quite indispensable. As for the rest a 3D printer is an excellent alternative and a valuable supplementary tool that every professional workshop should have. It’s easy to use and does not require a specialised technician to operate. The HBOT 3D F300 software suite – Simplify3D – helps set up prints quickly and effortlessly.


The image on the right depicts a prototype of a medical device cover.

medical device prototype

HBOT 3D F300 printer – unlike a milling machine – can fabricate objects of any geometric shape. And since 3D printing means an incremental manufacture process there is no waste of materials. Lower power consumption also means reduced costs. 


3City Electronics uses innovative solutions to satisfy individual needs of their clients and provide services of the highest quality.  HBOT 3D F300 printer helps quickly fabricate elements and verify the design and functionality of devices. As a result it is fundamental to the company’s growth. 

1. The bracket of mini stepper motor, 

2. An optical instrument holder, 

3. 20″ display support frame, 

4. A mounting support

3 steps of 3D printing: CAD design, generating g-coder, finished prints