Trainings - HBOT 3D training sessions that fit your needs and knowledge

HBOT 3D Training

Scale up your skills and get better results with your HBOT 3D printers through hands-on training sessions run by our experts.

Become a 3D printing expert and improve your business

Additive manufacturing plays an important role in a company’s overall performance and manufacturing process. By increasing your knowledge you improve your business. The range of technical courses we offer provides all the information you need to successfully operate your device and maximize the return on your 3D printing investment.
HBOT 3D professional printers are based on FDM (Fused deposition modeling) technology, also known as FFF (fused filament fabrication). Many advantages make this a commonly used technology in multiple industries, in applications like rapid prototyping, tool manufacturing, creating customized products or producing end-user parts.

No matter which industry you’re in, the process of 3D printing consists of five basic steps:

Installing the HBOT 3D printer

Obtaining a 3D model file

Preparing the file in Simplify3D

Printing the model


Each step of the 3D printing process can be improved by gaining the proper skills and expertise, allowing you to make better use of your printer and produce the finest quality prints.

Choose the training that fits your needs and knowledge level

Join our technical courses for a comprehensive overview of FDM technology, getting the most out of your HBOT 3D professional printer, using the advanced options of the slicer (Simplify3D), and finally, achieving the best quality, accuracy, and strength for your 3D models.

Basic training

(free of charge when buying the HBOT 3D F300)

A four-hour class for users with very little experience in 3D printing.


Topics include:


  • The use of 3D printing technology in production companies
  • FDM technology overview
  • Installation and set-up of HBOT 3D
  • HBOT 3D operation
  • Basic maintenance
  • Using Simplify 3D (Basics)




Operators, mechanical engineers, developers, designers and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Advanced training

A five-hour class for experienced users with extensive knowledge of 3D printing and FDM technology.


Topics include:


  • CAD modeling for 3D printing
  • Using Simplify 3D (Advanced)
  • Optimizing 3D printing process
  • Achieving the best accuracy and quality of 3D prints
  • Advanced maintenance operations
  • Working with customers files
  • Thermoplastics’ properties: choosing the right material for
    specific application
  • Post Processing Techniques




Operators, mechanical engineers, developers, designers and 3D printing enthusiasts.