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Simplify3D software allows you to take full advantage of your 3D printer’s capabilities and ensure the best print quality. Advanced options combined with a user-friendly interface give you full control over the 3D printing process.

Take full advantage of your HBOT 3D capabilities

Simplify 3D is a print slicing application we provide with HBOT 3D professional 3D printers.
Simplify 3D

The highest print quality

You can optimize your printer’s performance and improve print quality by using various software options. Built-in tools help you identify and fix common issues with problematic files and quickly get back to printing.

Advanced settings

Now you can optimize the settings for different features of your model or determine the mechanical properties. It is easy to vary the slicing settings for different regions of your print, adjust how each part is printed, or optimize the settings used for different models to get the finest result when it comes to small objects or sharp edges.

Useful print simulations

Thanks to print simulation you can watch all of the actions your HBOT 3D printer will perform. This allows you to verify settings like infill, support structure, and layer thickness, and check information about printing speed. Realistic layer-by-layer simulation also help you to spot potential issues and improve your design before starting printing.
Simplify 3D

Outstanding support structures

You don’t need to know where the support structure should be placed. The software automatically suggests it. But if you want to change something, you are able to customize your support structure by adding more support in specific areas or removing unnecessary supports for faster print times.