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Whether you have questions, require more detailed information, or need repairs of your HBOT 3D device you can obtain the information quickly by browsing FAQs and video tutorials or contacting directly our specialist in technical support.

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Please try to troubleshoot the problem reading FAQ or watching the tutorials below. If you still need our support please prepare the serial number of your printer located on the nameplate on the back panel of the printer or in the Warranty Card accompanying the device.
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Read frequently asked questions about HBOT 3D products. Learn more about popular topics and find information that will help you with HBOT 3D products operation.
Our products are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of sale. It is possible to prolong the warranty by purchasing an extended warranty for 24 months.

To take advantage of the warranty, you need to have a completed warranty card and a copy of the proof of purchase. In case of problems, please contact our Support Team. We ask you to keep the original transport packaging of the product for the duration of the warranty. If you need more detailed information, please read The Terms of Warranty to find out how to proceed with the product complaint.

You can inform us of a defect in the printer by contacting the Technical Department. Please send an email to the address or call +48 71 727 62 04. Before contacting the Technical Department, please have ready the serial number of the printer which is indicated on the warranty card and on the nameplate of the unit. In order to solve the problem, we may ask you take a picture of the unit or the defective printout to specify irregularities occurring in the printer.

Maintenance actions are presented in the operating manual in Chapter 7, Maintenance and Operation. We recommend conducting regular maintenance in order to maintain the highest printout quality and increase the reliability of the unit.

We attach a set of tools needed to commission the printer after purchase. Consumables can be ordered using the contact form.

The HBOT 3D F300 printer is compatible with all thermoplastic materials for which printing temperature does not exceed 260 C and the diameter of which is 2.85 mm. HBOT 3D filaments can be found on the website which shows their descriptions and technical specifications, and where appropriate plastics can be compared and chosen for a specific application.

We recommend using materials from our portfolio because they have been tested by us and we can confirm their quality. Configuration files prepared by us, containing predefined printing settings, have been developed specially for HBOT 3D Filaments. Please note that any damage to the printer caused by using materials from other producers will not be covered by warranty repairs.

The printer should be started according to the recommendations included in the operating manual of the unit in Chapter 4, Printer Installation, following the safety guidelines described in 2, Operational Safety.
Before printing, please make sure that the current version of the firmware and configuration files available at download have been downloaded.

Along with purchase of the unit, the user receives a double-workstation license for  Simplify3D software, 1 kg of PLA filament, a set of tools required for commissioning, operating manual and 12-month warranty.

HBOT 3D printers use Simplify3D software (slicer). The double-workstation license for the software is attached with purchase of the unit. If another licence is needed, it can be ordered using the contact form.

Accordion Content

The configuration files can be downloaded from the website by providing the serial number of the unit purchased. Please check regularly for availability of new versions of the configuration files.

We offer training for 3D printing and operation of HBOT 3D printers at the basic and advanced levels. It is also possible to individually customize the scope of training depending on needs of the users. Training is conducted in the office of 3D Printers, on the premises of the client, and remotely as webinars. The full training offer is available on the website.

Video tutorials

Watch quick video tutorials and get help with 3D printer installation, levelling, preparing the build platform, changing the material, replacing the nozzle and more.
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