Sunbeam 3.0

Professional control electronics for numeric devices

Sunbeam 2.0 set

Sunbeam 3.0

One of the first electronics running on 32-bit microcontroller.
Quality of the the latest generation backed by a long process of testing and prototyping.

Revolutionary edition of the popular electronics Sunbeam widely used in the Polish 3d printing environment. Sunbeam 3.0 Electronics uses Smoothieware firmware and was created in close collaboration with its team of developers. Today you can become a satisfied user of Sunbeam 3.0 and enjoy the latest solutions available on the market.

The new version of Sunbeam 3.0 has successfully passed EMC tests what significantly facilitates obtaining the CE mark by the printer manufacturers.

High quality of electronics

Sunbeam 3.0 is mounted by the machine in professional facilities. Each copy is subject to vision and functional testing what guarantees proper operation. Electronics is mounted on a high quality four-layer gilded plate. Manufactured in Poland.

Fast and modern

32-bit processor architecture and 120MHz clock speed is something that other electronics of the previous generation do not have. Owing to these parameters, your printer will run smoother and more stable.

Lots of connection options

You can connect our electronics to a computer in a number of ways. Depending on your needs, you can use the USB port, ethernet, or even print without the use of PC, directly from the built-in Micro SD card.

Easy configuration

End of continuous recompiling and uploading the software. You can configure the electronics using a text editor, and quickly change the basic settings. There is no need to install arduino environment to update the software, just download it from the website and copy to the memory of electronics.


Microprocessor LPC1769 – ARM Cortex M3 32 bit
Clock speed 120Mhz
Ports USB 2.0, Ethernet, Micro SD
RAM Memory 64kB
Memory 512kB
Supply voltage 12-24V
Heating outputs 3 pieces
Fan outputs 3 pieces
Controls of step motors Allegro A4988
Maximum motor current 1.8A
Microstep 1/16
Maximum power of heaters 15A
Maximum step frequency 100kHz
Firmware Smoothieware

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