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HBOT 3D for education and science

While developing 3D design studio at your university or school, you have to remember to provide the youth with opportunities to materialize designed objects. Transferring virtual project into ‘tangible’ material version of spatial body allows young students to assess the quality of their designs. When planning classes in an appropriate way in the form of co-projects, the verification of work of the whole group of teams is possible at the end by assembling previously designed and printed on a 3D printer designs into one model – e.g. the engine. Owing to this, the participants of the classes will have a better chance to identify and correct the mistakes they made and be satisfied with the created and produced model.

Classes in the design and construction of 3D models can be successfully adapted to any age of the participants. Even at the stage of preschool or early school it is possible to introduce the elements of fun with the use of 3D modeling programs and, at the end of class, give the child the printed model he previously designed to take home.

Why our 3d printer?

3D HBOT is perfect for educational purposes. Closed cabinet with large working area ensures the safety of use and the ability to print multiple users’ models simultaneously. It is possible to install the safeguards immobilizing the printer in case of opening the door of the working cabinet as well as connecting the printer to an external ventilation extraction – what is especially important when working with children. LAN interface allows to connect the printer to the local network in the studio or the laboratory and efficiently share it between multiple users. Simple software, high speed of work and high reliability makes it an excellent tool for professional use in science and education.

What materials do we recommend?

For educational purposes we recommend PLA. This material is safe and biodegradable, and its processing does not require high temperature of extrusion or heating the working platform. PLA is easy to print and in detail captures even the most complex shapes. The users may choose from a wide range of colors, and an additional advantage is the possibility to paint this material.

Examples of prints made on HBOT 3D used for science and education




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3D printing is a simple way to improve, enrich, and even revolutionize work in the company. This is confirmed by a wide range of possibilities of the printers. HBOT 3D enables the materialization of designs in a fast and simple way.


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