PET-G - HBOT 3D material description and technical specification


(Polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong filament which has high tensile strength, practically no shrinkage and great layer adhesion. It doesn’t absorb water and is suitable for food contact.

Key features

High clarity

No chemical reaction with oils and alkalis


Abrasion resistant

Not prone to cracking (due to flexibility)

Technical specification

Tensile strength50 MPaISO 527
Elongation at break23 %ISO 527
Tensile modulus2 020 MPaISO 527
Impact strength8.1 kJ/m²ISO 179
Heat deflection temperature70˚CASTM D638
Density1.27 g/cm³ISO 1183

Available colors

  • clear
  • snow white
  • sky blue
  • red
  • red transparent
  • apple green
  • green transparent
  • black
  • yellow transparent