What is M-ABS?

M-ABS is a modified version of ABS plastic. With a reduced butadiene content, it has a lower shrinkage material and a less intense aroma during processing than usual ABS. The toughness is lower than the standard ABS material but still approx. 3 times the PLA material. In addition, reduced shrinkage material allows the construction of large pieces in the absence of deformation and delamination of the material.

Why our M-ABS?

This material is specially designed for your printer. It prints well and support structure easily detach from it. It is available in multiple colors, both transparent and opaque.

Available colours

M-ABS maly

For whom do we recommend it?


It is great for the production of prototypes that will be tested in practice.


It has good mechanical properties and can be easily machined, which makes it perfect material for professionals.

Small-lot and unit production

M-ABS provides the ability to print functional elements that due to high material strength and resistance to external conditions can be used in devices for many years.

The specification of M-ABS material

Heated bed temperature
Temperature of extrusion
Available diameters 2,85mm
Diameter variation +/- 0,05mm
Roundness variation +/- 0,05mm
Net weight on the spool 1 kg +/- 0,05kg
Density 1,06 g/cm^3
Resilience 17 Kj/m^2
Young Module 1830 Mpa
Tensile strenght 39,2 Mpa
Working temperature up to +80°C

HBOT 3D Filaments are specially prepared to be used with our 3D printer. We have prepared the customized Configuration Files for our filaments in order to ensure the best printing quality.

Download M-ABS config file

Full specification of HBOT 3D M-ABS is available in M-ABS Material Card

Download M-ABS Material Card


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