Low-volume production

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HBOT 3D for low-volume production

In the case of the construction of prototypes or producing small volumes, especially when the part that we want to produce is subject to frequent modifications or is directly produced for a specific application or customer, the manufacturer often faces the problem how to produce plastic elements cost-effectively. In the case of applying conventional injection molding technology the greatest effort is made to prepare the injection mold. The cost of such an operation, depending on the size of the mold, varies from a few to tens of thousands zlotys, preparation time takes in most cases weeks. The result is that for small volumes it becomes not viable.

FDM/FFF 3D printing technology enabling layered construction of elements from various thermoplastics is often the best solution to the abovementioned problem. The possibility of using a variety of materials depending on the requirements for a manufactured element (strength, stiffness, hardness, flexibility etc.) enables to adjust the features of the produced element to construction requirements. Low cost of production which consists of: depreciation of the purchase of the printer, the cost of material and the cost of energy is very competitive in comparison to CNC technology. The cost of the purchase of the printer is, however, comparable to the cost of the production of a simple injection mold.

Why our printer?

HBOT 3D is a device of PROFESSIONAL class designed and manufactured as a production machine designated for continuous use. Large working area and a closed print cabinet allows for simultaneous production of a large number of elements without worrying about their deformation caused by the shrinkage of the material in changeable environmental conditions. The rigid mechanical construction enables to achieve high speed of print up to 150 mm / s which significantly reduces the waiting time for different lots and increases the productivity of the device.

The elements and components of reputable suppliers in the device (e.g. linear technique delivered by MISUMI) allow for long-lasting and trouble-free operation. All elements subject to periodic consumption (timing belt, tension rollers etc.) are easily replaceable and available as spare parts at the manufacturer’s service.

Easy to use software allows to effectively prepare various elements for printing, even if each of them will only be printed in one copy. By using our technology, You will be able to shorten the process of designing and manufacturing a given item from many days to a few hours.

What materials do we recommend?

With the use of ABS it is possible to print functional elements, which are characterized by high strength and resistance to external factors. It is perfect for the production of devices designed to serve for many years.

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3D printing is a simple way to improve, enrich, and even revolutionize work in the company. This is confirmed by a wide range of possibilities of the printers. HBOT 3D enables the materialization of designs in a fast and simple way.


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