What is H-WOOD?

H-WOOD is a composite material consisting of wood powder and PLA. Easiness of building models is as high as in the case of pure PLA. The main advantage of the material is the final visual effect built models that characterize the natural color of dark wood. Interestingly, the material can be machined and painted like natural wood.

Why our H-WOOD?

This material is specially designed for your printer. It is characterized by high ease of printing and unique final effect.

For whom do we recommend it?


The effect of natural wood can be used during the construction of mock-ups containing elements of wood.


Designers gain the possibility of real representation of their projects using a material similar to that of the target material.


H-WOOD is ideal for artists involved in the handicraft and sculpture. The new material is able to move the creative process to a new level, allowing a combination of traditional handicraft with the latest technologies.

Sample prints of our H-WOOD



The specification of H-WOOD material

Heated bed temperature
Temperature of extrusion
Available diameters 2,85mm
Diameter variation +/- 0,05mm
Roundness variation +/- 0,05mm
Net weight on the spool 0,75 kg +/- 0,05kg
Density 1,20 g/cm^3
Resilience 7 Kj/m^2
Young Module 1900 Mpa
Tensile strenght 30 Mpa
Working temperature -40°C – +85°C

HBOT 3D Filaments are specially prepared to be used with our 3D printer. We have prepared the customized Configuration Files for our filaments in order to ensure the best printing quality.

Download H-WOOD config file

Full specification of HBOT 3D H-WOOD is available in H-WOOD Material Card

Download H-Wood Material Card


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