What is H-GLASS?

H-GLASS is material known of strong interlayer cohesion. Elements printed of this material are characterized by a high resistance to dynamic loads. Due to the lack of additional dye it has a high transparency.  In addition, the material is harmless when in contact with food and has a very low moisture absorption.

Why our H-GLASS?

This material is specially designed for your printer. H-GLASS prints very easely and it has almost no thermal shrinkage.

Material is available in natural transparent color.

Who do we recomemnd it for?

Food industry

By allowing for food contact it is possible to use the material for prototyping of all kinds of packaging in the food industry.


The high light transmission rate provides the ability to use the material to build components simulating the effect of glass.


Can be used in medical applications.

The specification of H-GLASS material

Heated bed temperature 70-90°C
Temperature of extrusion 245-260°C
Available diameters 2,85mm
Diameter variation +/- 0,05mm
Roundness variation +/- 0,05mm
Net weight on the spool 1 kg +/- 0,05kg
Density 1,01 g/cm^3
Resilience  40,0 J
Young Module 1795 Mpa
Tensile strenght 26,2 Mpa
Working temperature do +80°C

HBOT 3D Filaments are specially prepared to be used with our 3D printer. We have prepared the customized Configuration Files for our filaments in order to ensure the best printing quality.

Download H-GLASS Config File

Full specification of HBOT 3D ABS is available in ABS Material Card

Download H-GLASS Material Card


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