Architecture prints

One of many applications of our device is building presentation-ready architectural mock-ups. Check out examples below the accuracy and high quality which you are able to achieve with HBOT 3D. Reach the rapid speed rate of production of finished components offered by our 3D printer which is impossible to achieve using conventional methods.

Material used below: PLA




Prototyping prints

Use incomparable tool which is rapid prototyping. Detect mistakes in the early stages of design and product development delivering the final product with a better quality and a higher degree of fit to the end customer..

Materials used below: PLA, ABS, M-ABS.

5 (2)

4 (2)

3 (2)

Other prints

Do not let yourself be limited. See how complex geometries HBOT 3D and FDM technology allows you to create.

Materials used below: PLA, HIPS, ABS.




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