Firmware 2.0.3

For HBOT F300 printer

Firmware 1.2.1

For HBOT 1.1 printer

Firmware 1.2.1

For HBOT 1.0 printer

Version 1.2.1

Fixed problems with file transfer over ethernet.

Version 1.2.0

Faster USB transfer. Corrected print timer behaviour.

Firmware 1.1.1

For HBOT 1.1 printer

Firmware 1.1.1

For HBOT 1.0 printer

Version 1.1.1

Improved behaviour after print stop, ethernet enabled by default for HBOT 1.1.

Version numbering

Since version 1.1.0 firmware versioning is simplified.
All versions that do not stick to number.number.number pattern are older than 1.1.0.
Position of changed number in version string represents significance of change.
Changes in first number represent major improvements. Last number change represents minor improvement.

Checking firmware version

Firmware older than version 1.1.0:

Firmware version is shown in the second line of entry screen.
Firmware since 1.1.0:

Open Options menu (with gear symbol). After highlighting Version line, firmware version will appear.

Upgrade instructions

Download firmware version appropriate for your HBOT model (HBOT 1.1 has got 30 cm x30 cm x30 cm work field, HBOT 1.0 has got 28 cm x28 cm x30 cm work field)
  • After downloading the archive plug in the printer to USB port. Copy FIRMWARE.CUR and config.txt from printer disc drive that appeared after connecting USB to local directory. This will make a backup copy of the last firmware.
  • Extract downloaded archive. Copy its contents to the root directory of printer disc drive.
  • In case of conflicts while copying, agree to overwrite files.
  • After copying, safely remove printer external disc drive. Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Reset the printer. Note that power up may take longer than usual.
  • After printer boots up, reconnect the USB cable.
  • If everything went good there should be FIRMWARE.CUR file in place of firmware.bin on the external printer drive.
  • To use the backup copy of firmware, change your backed up FIRMWARE.CUR name to firmware.bin and repeat firmware upgrade procedure for it.
In  case of any dificulties feel free to contact  service.

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