What is the lead time?

Our printers are produced on a regular basis for the warehouse, therefore, they are available on stock. Typically,the printer is packedand shipped the next working day after payment is posted on our account. In the exceptional case when the demand exceeds the amount of equipment availablein stock, delivery time can be extended to approx. 8 weeks.

What materials can I use?

HBot 3D may produce parts with all thermoplastic materials which have the melting points up to 260ºC, such as : ABS, PLA, HIPS, PTEG, TPU.

What is the warranty?

Our products are covered by 12-month manufacturer’s warranty beginning from the date of sale. To take advantage of the warranty, you need to have a completed warranty card and a copy of the proof of purchase. The manufacturer’s central service is located in Wroclaw. In case of problems, please contact the service. If the repair is required in the central service, the complained product will be sent to and from the place of repair at the manufacturer’s cost. We ask you to keep the original transport packaging of the product for the duration of the warranty.

Will I be able to run the device?

Handling 3D printing is not yet as easy as 2D printing at desktop printers, however, using the software package, manual and interactive tutorials prepared by us even a novice user of 3D printing is able to quickly and efficiently obtain satisfactory prints. For the convenience of our customers we have implemented Help desk, where via e-mail or phone, you can get advice on printing, help in solving problems with the use of the printer or software. We offer assistance and support (help desk) on working days from 8 -16 (CET). For a period of warranty technical support is free of charge for our customers.

What software is required?

The work on the creation of 3D prints can be divided into two stages: the preparation of the solid model and its printing.

The spatial model can be prepared with the use of 3D modeling tools widely available on the market. Some of them are available in the form of payable licence, eg.: Inventor (Audoesk), AutoCad (Autodesk), SolidWorks (Dassault Systemes), CATIA (Dassault Systemes). There is also a large group of simpler tools free of charge, often available in the OpenSource formula like eg.: Blender, 123D Design. It is also possible to use rich library of ready-made models available in the Internet.

When a file is ready in * .stl or * .obj format containing the model, the printing stage may begin. Here, all the necessary tools required to prepare and carry out printing are supplied with the printer (available in download section). YARRH software package, which is a portal dedicated to the use and control of printing and printers, enables to load the file of the model in * .stl or * .obj, positioning the print on the working platform, the selection of material used for printing (ABS, PLA, others), ‘cutting’ model into layers with the use of CURA engine (available in the OpenSource formula), preview the ready file with the commands controlling ‘G-code’ printer, uploading a file to the SD card of the printer, remote control of printing and / or remote monitoring of status. After loading the ‘G-code’ file to the SD card it is possible to control the print directly from the Hbot3D control panel.

What types of files does the printer work on?

Printouts on Hbot 3D printer are possible from files in *.stl,*.obj, and *.amf formats.

How can I connect the printer to the computer?

Hbot 3D printer can be connected to the computer via USB port and cable, and remotely via LAN (fixed IP address or via DHCP). This second option allows to effectively use and share the printer between many users.

Does the printer always have to be connected to the computer?

No. The printer has its own microprocessor controller and after loading the prepared files with printouts to the SD card of the printer the entire process of printing can be controlled from the local control panel of Hbot 3D.

What are the ways of transfering data to the printer?

HBOT 3D via USB, mikroSD),

HBOT 3D F300 via USB, SD, LAN

What includes training held during personal receipt in 3D Printers Headquarters?

During personal receipt in 3D Printers Headquaters training is free of charge. Our expert form technical department discuss with you FDM technology process, device and software operation, material properties and will answer every additional question. We are open to your needs and on request we can expand the scope of training.

What are the main diferencess between HBOT 3D F300 and HBOT 3D 1.1?

HBOT F300 3D is a machines with a number of technical and utility improvements:

– design changes allowing much easier operating and shortened inter printing processes intervals
– precise, semi-automatic build platform levelig system
– totally new firmware and software enhancing quality of printed parts
– new electronics with redeveloped control system
– multi-colour LCD touchscreen with improved user experience
– automized mid-process material change and material fill-up procedures
– extended communication (additional SD card slot on front panel, more convenient USB and LAN access)
– intelligent extruder with material presence control
– new design of hot-end with swappable nozzle (wide range of nozzle diameters, 0.3 mm – 1 mm with easy change system thanks to direct measurement of the distance between nozzle and build platform)
– new, industrial design

Are you shipping worldwide?

We currently does not allow payment in our online shop because of the price of shipping to the US, but if you transfer us the money for the products (excluding VAT) and you order yourself a courier it will not be a problem and we will ship the package and issue you an invoice. Details for transfer in USD:


Account Number: 65 1140 2004 0000 3112 0269 3026

Sort Code: 11402004

IBAN: PL65114020040000311202693026



Company address for courier:

3D Printers sp. z o.o., Aleja Ludomira Rozyckiego 1C/4, 51-608 Wroclaw, POLAND

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