HBOT 3D for Art&Design

3D printing allows to unleash imagination and create unusual everyday objects. It is an alternative to traditional methods of manufacturing products, which often limit the artist. In addition to creating a modern design, 3D printing enables very precisely to reproduce damaged or historical works of art.

Why our 3D Printer?

3D HBOT does not require any technical skills and is easy to use. Owing to that the implementation of the artistic model is a nice complement to the artistic, creative work.

What materials do we recommend?

The development of beautiful glossy models is possible thanks to PLA filament, which proves its worth in the design of elements with tiny details. Undoubted advantage for designers is a wide range of colors and the possibility of painting this material.

Examples of prints made on HBOT 3D used for Art&Design




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3D printing is a simple way to improve, enrich, and even revolutionize work in the company. This is confirmed by a wide range of possibilities of the printers. Hbot 3D enables the materialization of designs in a fast and simple way.


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