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„We develop the creativity of our customers through helping with the materialization of their ideas, products, designs and work – giving them tools for fast, cheap and easy construction of the highest quality objects”

About the company

3D Printers SP. z o. o. is the Polish company established and operating in Wroclaw with entirely Polish capital.

The company employs the team of R & D engineers in Wroclaw, who are working on the continuous development and improvement of its products and 3D printing technology. Owing to the fact that we do not only produce but also design and develop our products, we are able to respond in real time to the problems and needs of our customers. The production is realized in Poland in cooperation with reliable foreign and domestic subcontractors. This enables us to provide high quality and timeliness of both production and delivery of finished devices while maintaining attractive price for customers.

In addition to 3D printers, the company designs, manufactures and supplies microprocessor controllers of Sunbeam family used in 3D printers of other manufacturers. The entire production process is carried out in Poland, where a reliable group of subcontractors allows for timely execution of orders and ensures high quality of products.


The 3D Printers company mission is to support the creativity of its customers by helping them to materialize their ideas, products, designs and work – giving them the tools for fast, cheap and easy construction of high-quality objects.

By providing professional equipment manufactured in Poland at reasonable prices we want to help 3D printing to permanently enter small and medium-sized companies as an effective tool reducing their operating costs and opening up new technology and design possibilities.

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