HBOT 3D F300

3D Printer dedicated for professionals

Build volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm

HBOT 3D F300 is directed to the proffesional applications where size of printed objects plays a significant role. In combination with wide range of materials, we can meet many professional’s ecpectations.

Wide range of materials

HBOT 3D F300 can work with every kind of filament with the extrusion temperature not higher than 270°C !

You also get the access to the wide range of our materials with pre-prepared printing profiles: PLA, ABS, ABS, ASA, HIPS, H-WOOD, PET-G, H-GLASS, TPU (more coming soon..)

Thanks to materials quality control and repeated testing procedures we can supply our customers with the best materials solutions needed within prototyping cycle.

Constant temperature of the process

Thanks to closed build chamber with the forced ventilation and heated build platform we can assure the ability of printing high volume objects with minimized possibility of warping, shrinking and inter – layer cracking.

Reliable prototyping process

3D Printer is prepared to continous operation, what was tested during many processes taking more than 100 hours of continous work at once. Print speed (up to 150 mm/s) , nozzle positioning accuracy (+/- 0,05 mm) and high recurrence makes our device professional solution. We also strogly insist on high independency and that’s why our machine doesn’t need any other device connected during opreational time.


Operational staff doesn’t to be highly educated in the 3D printing technology. Every one can easily addapt to our device user interface and quickly get to realizing their own ideas. Our engineers created innovative, semi-automated build platform leveling and positioning, intuitive operating LCD touchscreen and simplified user interface requiring basic level of technical knowledge.


HBOT 3D F300 is a professional device based on high quality mechanical parts from top world suppliers. Aluminum frame ensures high stiffness of whole construction.

High quality 3D prints

Our 3D Printer’s production plant is located and quality controlled in Poland to ensure the highest reliability. Experienced R&D team located in Wrocław, Poland is working on constant development of both, hardware and software along with testing and introduction of new 3d printing materials.

Low costs of prototyping

Medium cost of 3d printing hour equals only 0.50 EUR, including costs of energy and filament consumption.

Drukarka HBOT 3D F300


Our newest edition of 3D Printer HBOT 3D F300 is innovative product which is based on years of experience in production industry of additive manufacturing machines. It is designed for  professional, such as specialized R&D offices, manufacturing facilities (low-volume production of plastic components), design studios, designers and art studios (low cost 3D prototyping), and educational institutions.

HBOT 3D F300 was entirety designed and manufactured in Europe so we can guarantee it’s high quality components and availability “on stock“. Our located in Wrocław (Poland) R&D team ensures continuous development of the device and its software to make sure working with our printer is even simpler and more enjoyable. Furthermore, technological team is working on material research and placing to the offer of new thermoplastics (filaments) to 3D printing – as soon as they appear on the market.

Short specifications

Machine HBOT 3D F300 has build volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm, closed printing chamber and was designed for continuous operation. It provides X/Y printing accuracy (+/- 0.1 mm) and repeatability even during intensive use. The device can operate independently without a current connection to the computer. Uploading print files and remote monitoring are possible via USB port or SD card.

Thanks to closed build chamber and heated build platform powered by 300 W we can assure the ability of printing high volume objects with minimized possibility of warping, shrinking and inter – layer cracking.

Innovative and  precise, semi-automatic build plate levelig system and positioning the Z-axis provides the simplicity and high accuracy calibration of the working platform.

Software and compatibility

Software used with HBOT 3D F300 is compatible with newest operating systems offered from Microsoft, Apple or Linux ensuring comfort and safety in desirable work environment. Especially it is worth knowing that our software is compatible with innovative operating systems which is a Windows 10, where appeared software dedicated for additive manufacturing.

Compatibility with file formats such as STL, OBJ and AMF ensures flexibility in choosing your design software. We confirm compatibility with engineering CAD 3D systems such as SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, AutoDesk Inventor, SolidEdge, Creo (Pro/ENGINEER). Moreover accepted formats can be exported with DesignSpark Mechanical, Google SketchUp, Rhino, ZW3D, IronCAD Autodesk 3DS Max, 123 Design, Blender and many others design environments which allow you to prepare numerical instructions for controlling HBOT 3D F300.

detal drukarki 3D - HBOT 3D F300

Designed for wide professional audience:

– Industrial R&D
– 3D printing
– Automotive
– Aerospace
– Consumer electronics design & production
– Science & Education
– Medical
– Architects
– Special tools design
– Hobbyists
– Marketing & Advertising
– Art & jewelery design
– Toys design & production
– Fashion and high performance products

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